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Andhra Mango Pickle/ Aavakaya

Andhra Mango Pickle/ Aavakaya

Today's recipe is a condiment - Aavakaya/Andhra mango pickle. I spend most of my childhood in Andhra and I love Andhra food. My mom still makes Andhra food and making avankaya during mango season is still a tradition at home. This pickle is towards the spicy side with lots of chilly powder that may sound scary. But believe me, chilly powder,salt and oil is the key ingredients,it adds taste and color and also serves as preservative. If carefully made,this pickle can be preserved for over a year. It is a great accompaniment with dal curry or with simple curd rice.

Recipe source here
Mango cubes- 5 cup
Chilly powder- 1 cup
Mustard powder- 1 cup
Salt -3/4 cup
Roasted Methi/ fenugreek  powder- 1 tbs
Gingerly Oil- 1 1/2cup
Whole cloves of garlic- 5-8
Chana dal- 2 tsp (optional)

Clean and wipe dry the mangoes. The mangoes selected for pickling should be firm in touch and sour
Cut mangoes into cubes. If you have a sharp knife cut through so that the inner shell also remains intact. If the soft part of the seed is attached to the inner shell scrap it off with a knife. Place on paper towels and leave it to dry completely. Or you can sun dry the mangoes for 10- 15 minutes.
Lightly roast the mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds and make it into fine powder (or just microwave for 30 seconds). Using a food processor make it into powder and keep aside.
Warm gingerly oil and the allow it to cool completely. Transfer into a bowl.
In another bowl mix the chilly powder, salt,mustard powder and the fenugreek powder. Take hand full of mango pieces and coat them with oil and then roll in spice powder. Place them in sterilized glass jars or ceramic jars. Repeat the process by coating the mangoes with oil and then with the spice mixture. In between add garlic and the channa dal. With a clean spoon press down the mangoes into the jar. If you have excess spice powder and oil pour on top. Cover and let this sit  for three days. On the third day check whether oil is floating on top. At this stage also check salt and if you feel you can add more according to taste. This can be served within a week,but it will taste better as it matures.

Try this
Hope you will all enjoy!


  1. omg tempting avakaya pchadi..i can die for it

  2. Tempting pickle... My mouth is watering here

  3. tempting pickle n wonderful presentation!!!

  4. looks delish and i suppose i can sail a ship in my mouth..too good dear..yumm

  5. This is a droolworthy pickle recipe. I could have it for days.

  6. My mouth waters seeing the click..

  7. ah... look at the color of the pickle... lovely...

  8. Very useful pickle post..yummy mouthwatering pickle..yummm

  9. Pickle looks awesome, you have made it perfectly..

  10. Fabulous and colourful mango pickle. Lipsmacking good.

  11. Wow, so vibrant color and tempting pics !!!

  12. Pickle loos so tangy and spicy. love to have it with curd rice.

  13. I am a big fan of mango pickle. Perfect combo with curd rice.

  14. Hi Suja,

    Would you tell me the quantity of Fenugreek powder? How many cups?

    Also, do you add the raw or sauted garlic?


    1. Hi thanks for stopping by and pointing out, I just updated,Fenugreek (roasted) one tbs
      You can add raw garlic and as the pickle matures it will be perfect..hope you will try the recipe
      Have a nice day!

  15. i can just finish my bfast ,lunch dinner everything this as accompaniment. luv it to the core..
    urs has come so well.. look at the color..


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