Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Egg Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is simple and quick meal with egg and left over rice. Egg fried rice is usually served as breakfast and is minimal yet tasty and filling. Try this you will surely love it.

Cooked rice- 2 cup
Minced garlic- 1 tsp
Spring onions- 1/2 cup chopped
Crushed chilly- 1/8 tsp (optional)
Soya sauce- 1 tsp
Pepper and salt to taste
Sesame oil- 1 tbs

In a pan add few drops of oil and add one beaten egg. Quickly scramble it and stir fry for a minute till it gets dry. Add pinch of salt and pepper and set this aside. This step is optional, this can be used later to garnish along with chopped spring onions.
In the same pan add oil. When hot add the crushed red chilly flakes and minced garlic. Immediately add cooked rice and stir fry for a minute. Beat eggs in a bowl and pour over the rice. Mix quickly till the rice coats with the egg and stir fry in medium for two to three minutes. Finally add soya sauce, pepper powder,  salt and chopped spring onions. Mix all and garnish with the scrambled egg and spring onions.

Try this
Hope you will all enjoy!


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