Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tuna Fish Patties

Tuna Fish Patties

Tuna fish patties is tasty and filling appetizer. You can use fresh tuna or canned ones to make these patties. Tuna patties can be served on their own or used as a sandwich. Try this you will surely love it.

Tuna- 1/2 lb
Potato boiled- 1 medium
Onion chopped- 3 tbs
Garlic minced- 1 tbs
Bread crumbs- 1/2 cup
Dijon mustard- 1 tsp
Mayonnaise- 1 tsp
Paprika- 1/2 tsp 
Chopped parsley- 2 tbs
salt and pepper to taste

Cut tuna into small pieces, add salt and pepper and 3-4 tbs of water and cook in a low medium flame till it is soft and cooked. Drain off excess water if any. If you are using the canned ones, drain and use.

In a bowl add the cooked tuna and mash with a fork. Peel boiled potatoes and mash it and add to the tuna. Add the rest of the ingredients, beaten egg, bread crumbs, chopped parsley ,minced garlic,onion, Dijon mustard, mayo, paprika, salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients well till it is well combined and comes together. Divide it into 5-6 equal portions. Wet your hands with water and shape each portion into a ball and then flatten to form small patties.

Drizzle oil in a hot pan and arrange the patties and cook for 2-3 minutes in medium flame. When one side turns slight brown, flip over to the other side and cook. Serve warm.

Try this
 Hope you will all enjoy!


  1. These fish cakes sound delicious... would love to try this combination some day...

  2. Tuna fish cake looks delicious suja


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