Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Vellarikka Manga Curry/Cucumber Mango Curry

Vellarikka Manga Curry/Cucumber Mango Curry

Today's recipe is a common curry for lunch in Kerala and reminds you of its regional flavor and taste. Moru curry or yogurt curry with cucumber or ash gourd is a favorite curry that is served over rice. Coconut based curries and lentil curries are also served with rice. This is a simple combo of cucumber and green mangoes.  This is a coconut based curry. Try this,it is yummy with rice, fish fry and thoran.

Green Mango- 1
Cucumber- 1 medium sized
Tomato-2 small
Shallots- 5-6
Ginger- 1 tsp chopped
Garlic- 1 clove(optional)
Fenugreek powder- a pinch
Cumin seeds- 1/3 tsp
Green chilly- 4
Coconut-1 cup
Turmeric powder- 1/3 tsp
Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1/3 tsp
Dry red chilly -2
Curry leaves- 1 spring

 Peel off skin and discard seeds of cucumber and  mango and chop into cubes. Add one cup of water , green chilly, garlic,turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt. Cover and  cook for three to four minutes.Add chopped tomatoes and cook for another minute or till tomatoes become soft.
Make a fine paste of coconut and finally add crushed shallots, and garlic .
Add this to the cooked vegetables and mix in the fenugreek powder too. Adjust consistency by adding a little water. Allow this to simmer in low flame for about one minute. Do not allow this to boil.
 In a separate pan heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they splutter add curry leaves and dry red chilly and fry. Pour this over the curry and mix. Serve with rice.

Try this..
Hope you will all enjoy!


  1. Suja I yet have to try prawns and ridgegourd curry. This sounds minus the tomatoes is familiar

  2. the curry looks tempting..lovely color and combo

  3. Such a comforting curry with rice...

  4. ithu poloru curry amma ndakumayirunnu.....vellarikka manga is a great combination.


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